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Is a Debt Management plan right for me?

A debt management plan is suitable for the average person with debt. A different solution may be required depending on your specific circumstances. This will be discussed with you after you contact us.

There are certain criteria that you must meet for debt management to be suitable for you.


  • You are unable to meet your current monthly debt repayments.


  • Your situation is not serious enough for bankruptcy.


  • Every month, you can afford to pay £100 towards your unsecured debt repayments.


  • The amount you owe in unsecured debt is at least £8000 and…


  • This debt is owed to at least three different unsecured creditors.


If you meet these criteria then a debt management plan may be right for you and you should contact us today. Even if your circumstances differ from those above, get in touch and we will discuss the best options for you.

Please note that by unsecured debt, we mean an amount owed that is not secured on an asset that belongs to you. For example leases and some loans are often secured against your home. Therefore these cannot be included in a debt management plan.

Other types of debt that are not included are:


  • Secured loans


  • Leases (property)


  • Hire purchase


  • CSA / Maintenance arrears


  • Car loans (if secured against the car)


  • Rent


  • Council Tax arrears


  • Student Loan repayments.


An unsecured creditor is a company that has given you credit services that are not secured against any of your assets, for example a credit card, a store card and certain kinds of loans.

Remember, just because a debt management plan may not be suitable for you, it doesn’t mean that you are out of options. We are confident we can help, no matter what your debt problems are.









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Simply fill in your details below to recieve free debt advice, you could be debt free in 36 to 60 months. Credit & loan payments are reduced into 1 affordable payment and 100 % of the debts you cant afford are written off.


Other benefits of a debt management plan is they will deal with your creditors for you. They will also deal with bailiffs, CCJs & creditor phone calls. To find out how we can help you fill in the form below and one of our freindly advisors will contact you when best suits you.


By submitting this form you agree to be contacted by OKcompare.co.uk or a trusted third party to discuss your application and how best to solve your debt problems.