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When comparing saving accounts you will need to take a few things into account. The main things to remember is the higher the interest rate the more money you will get paid on your savings. The lowest rates of interest are paid out on current accounts and this is the main reason why customers look at moving their money into a special savings account.


When choosing your savings account there are a few things to take into consideration and the natural assumption is to look for the highest interest rate available to you. Unfortunately there are other factors that you will need to take into account. You may want to have easy access to your savings account but most savings accounts will have the agreement that the longer you agree to not touch your savings then the higher rate you can get.


Other things you may want to consider would be the amount of money you are considering to move into a savings account, as the larger amounts of savings will attract higher interest rates. If the savings account you choose will give you as much easy access to your money as your current account will then you are more than likely going to get a lot lower rate than if you were to commit to having no access to your money for a long period of time like 2 years.



Compare Savings Accounts

Santander e-Saver (Issue 2)

OK Apply For Santander Esaver Issue 2 HSBC Online Bonus Saver AccountOK Apply For HSBC Online Bonus Saver AccountOK Apply For Halifax Savings Account Fixed Web SaverHalifax Saving account Variable Web Saver

HSBC Bank Online Bonus Saver

Account AER

Account Details




2.00% Bonus, 1st 12 months Very flexible with no withdrawl restriction, Internet Acces Only



Interest is payable on full balance each month without withdrawl. Open your account with just £1, Internet Access Only

Santander Esaver Issue 2



offers 3.55% AER for a two term period & online access 24/7! unlimited withdrawals, unlimited deposits, online accounts all from £500


offers up to 0.20% AER, online access 24/7! unlimited withdrawals / deposits, no maximum balance, & online accounts from £1!

Halifax Saving account Fixed Web SaverHalifax Saving Account Variable Web Saver


Halifax saving Account Variable Web Saver

Halifax saving Account Fixed Web Saver


Compare ISA Accounts

Account AER

Account Details

Legal & General Index Tracker IsaSantander Direct ISA Issue 6Halifax Fixed Rate ISA

Legal & General Index Tracker ISA

Index Tracker


Enjoy the growth potential of the world’s markets through Legal & General. wide range of ISAs with no initial charges or exit fees. You can invest from as little as £50

Legal & General ISA

Santander Direct ISA Issue 6


Santander Direct ISA Issue 6Halifax Fixed Rate ISA


Halifax Fixed Rate ISA


first deposit minimum £500 with a maximum of £3600 unless over 50. No additional deposits & no withdawls. Britains no1 for ISA's.


Bonus 1st 12 mths,post telephone & internet access with a minimum deposit of £9000. The rate increases to 2.75% above 9k

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